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Wendy Schneider

Wendy PictureI am a movement educator and a former yoga teacher.  After receiving my yoga teacher training certification from the Yoga Centre of Burlington in 2003 and an additional certification in Anusara yoga several years later, I taught yoga at my home studio for close to 15 years. Around 2015, a chronic hip injury that was making it increasingly uncomfortable to perform yoga asanas led me to explore other movement modalities. I found myself drawn to the FeldenkraisĀ® method and began exploring online classes which I would then incorporate into my classes. In 2018 my online explorations led me to the work of Kaila June, a somatic movement educator based in Boise Idaho. A webinar and phone call later, I enrolled in Kaila's Intelligent Motion Training (IMT) program, a comprehensive year-long training that blends somatics, the experiential science of the personal consciousness, with kinesiology, the science of human movement, function, and performance. Over the course of my studies, I immersed myself in the practice of Somatic Groundwork, a movement exploration system that uses neuro-developmental patterning and sensory feedback to promote nervous system regulation, myofascial health, and movement ease and efficiency. Within a very short period the stiffness and pain in my hip which I feared would be a lifelong condition began to dissipate, and I marvelled at my body's ability to heal itself. Having myself experienced a sense of renewed strength and well being through somatic exploration, I am passionate about sharing this movement as medicine approach with my students, private clients and colleagues. I graduated from the IMT program in December 2019, but plan to continue my deep dive into movement science and somatic studies as a member of Kaila's growing community of somatic movement practitioners.

If you're seeking relief from sore hips, low back pain, shoulder limitation, neck tension, and/or fatigue and are looking for guidance in how to recover your body's ability to move with efficiency and ease, I encourage you to contact me. In addition to my weekly classes, I offer individualized movement assessments and program designs and I look forward to working with you. Somatic movement healed my injuries and enhanced my sense of well-being. It's my greatest wish to share this knowledge with you!