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Wendy Schneider

My yoga journey began in 1991 when I discovered a deep sense of coming home to myself. This led me to pursue yoga teacher training at the Yoga Centre of Burlington. I graduated from their 500-hour training in 2003. This was also a period during which I traveled to Rochester frequently to study under Francois Raoult.  In 2009 I received certification as an Anusara inspired yoga teacher. 

In 2016 I began to explore other movement modalities including barre classes, the axis syllabus and functional movement under Diane Bruni. I also started frequenting the climbing gym, discovering joy in the physical, mental and psychological challenges of indoor rock climbing.  Last June I participated in a two week movement research intensive led by Diane, that challenged me to rethink the yoga paradigm and integrate new information into a practice that I have long loved. I came out of that experience with an expanded movement vocabulary that has transformed what and how I teach. I have found this new practice to be deeply nurturing and empowering, and my classes reflect my own exploration of moving with ease, building core strength, stability and balance.

I am grateful to all of my teachers throughout the years: Nesta Falladown, Francois Raoult, Davina Parkinson and Diane Bruni. I am equally indebted to my students for allowing me endless opportunities to explore and to serve.