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Wendy Schneider

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My yoga journey began in 1991 at the Discovery Yoga Centre in Ancaster, Ontario, when I discovered a deep sense of coming home to myself. This led me to pursue yoga teacher training with Nesta Falladown at the Yoga Centre of Burlington, Francois Raoult of Open Sky Yoga in Rochester and an Anusara Inspired certification in Anusara Yoga.

Twenty years into my yoga practice, I developed a chronic hip and low back injury that made the traditional yoga asanas increasingly uncomfortable. In 2011, I participated in a two week movement research intensive led by Toronto-based movement educator Diane Bruni, an experience that challenged me to rethink the yoga paradigm and integrate new information into a practice that I had long loved. I came out of that experience with an expanded movement vocabulary that transformed what and how I teach.

In 2018, my ongoing search for more knowledge in the field of somatic movement led me to discover the work of Kaila June, an expert in movement science and somatic education. That serendipitous discovery led me to enroll in Kaila June's Intelligent Motion Training program, a comprehensive program that has introduced me to the world of movement science and given me more tools to bring the latest innovations in movement science, somatic patterning and integrated movement into my classes. One of its most important tenets is that when we learn to change patterns of movement associated with pain and embody new ones that make us feel good, our need for pain medication can shift dramatically, and that changes everything.

Somatic movement has healed my injuries and given me a renewed sense of strength and well being. My deepest wish for my students is for them to experience the inifinte benefits of this incredible practice.