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Thank you for the opportunity to attend your yoga classes over the past few months. It has been a very gratifying experience for me. In fact I found the spirituality of it, the body-mind-spirit connection truly present in your classes to an extent that surpassed all my expectations. I can describe my own experience through your teachings as an immensely pleasant self-discovery, an uplifting journey of finding new thoughts and possibilities within myself that I never knew I had. I do feel I evolved to a better "me" just after a few classes.

Iveta Amova

I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed the yoga classes over the last few months. You are a wonderful teacher. I always looked forward to the special readings or thoughts that began your classes and the way the yoga poses reinforced the spoken word...You have no idea the positive efffect your teaching has had on my life.


I am new to yoga this year and it has changed my life. I am recovering from a long illness that devastated me physically. I was making slow and steady progress with physical therapy when a friend directed me to Wendy. Under Wendy's amazing guidance, beginning with restorative yoga and progressing eventually to foundational strength building poses of Anusara yoga, I saw my whole world change as I regained physical and mental strength and balance in a way that astonished both me and my physical therapist. I was soon ready to join beginner classes under teachers Wendy and Alex. Over the past few months I have woven my yoga practice into every corner of my life and I am so grateful for the sense of health and vitality it has brought to me. Each class I attend in Wendy's beautiful studio, surrounded by trees and wildlife, is a privilege.

Judy Shedden