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Wendy, thank you for offering somatic movement classes.  My  chronic hip and sacroiliac pain has been reduced enormously, and your hip hinge trick has strengthened my bad knee! It’s been a  new learning experience and with so much variety; it’s always exhilarating. My balance is improving and core getting stronger. I always have a sense of calm when class is over and a feeling of fun.

Joy Foster


"The floor is your partner," is what you hear at Wendy’s Mindful Movement classes, and indeed the floor is my friend. Being a little vision and balance challenged, I’ve never been able to give my all in any exercise class, not even yoga class – which I so enjoyed in the past. These somatic movements, mostly done on the floor, allow me and my body to totally commit to the movement and totally yield to the floor. I have found that months of doing these seemingly small movements have worked to make me more body aware, increased my range of motion and released many tight areas in my body. The core exercises have improved my balance and coordination, and with that, given me the confidence and ability to step up on that chair, or climb that ladder. I appreciate learning more about my anatomy and how our bodies function, especially being made aware of the role of the fascia. Classes are fun. We are all of a “certain age”, and each have our own conditions and issues. Everyone is supportive and encouraging of each other. What more can I say? I LOVE this class!

Lucy Dubeckyj